Technical Specificaions

Started by a group of experienced tradespeople, Luxury Living Cabins wanted to provide an affordable alternative to housing people that also creates a safe and comfortable place to live.

We accommodate all custom build cabins. specializing in any shape and size, materials, layouts and a more professional internal finish to give you a more at home feel.

We not only provide custom living areas for our clients we can also custom fit offices, gyms, bars and garden summer houses.

With our in-house design team we can make sure our luxury cabins are exactly what your looking for and can be incorporated into any
area. Unlike modular cabins, our cabins come with custom plans to suit any area and can be edited and changed in the design process to
suit your needs.

Heat retention (Insulation)
• 100mm wall insulation as standard
• 50mm insulted floor as standard
• 150mm roofing insulation as standard.
We use only the highest quality brand insulations on the market and offering it as standard in our cabins.

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  • Concrete plot pile foundation
  • Foundation engineered screws

We use traditional and modern techniques in our foundation details. Dependent on a site inspection we can cater for any groundworks if needed.

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Flat or pitched roof details available on request.

High grade Torch-on felt or tile effect corrugated available as standard.

Wide range of solutions to cater to your needs.

Doors and Windows

Double glazed UPVC windows and doors fitted as standard a wide range designs and colors available on request

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A wide range of timber and composite cladding available with our cabins

We apply our claddings in a way to make it easy for replacement or repair with- out any damage to the main structure or the internal cabin.



We use a high grade breathable membrane which covers the entire timber structure before cladding is applied . More info can be made available on request.

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